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Selling and Consignment

We, Pepper's Luxury Closet believe that every item deserves a second chance. If you have fallen out of love with one of your designer items, give it another chance to be preloved by selling it or consigning it at Peppers. Through the use of our website, you can now do it from the comfort of your home by simply following those steps.


In order to get a quote, you will be required to answer simple questions about the item you wish to sell or consign in order to help us determine its value. Also, you will need to upload a couple of photos of the items so we can check its condition.


Within 7-10 working days after submitting your item, you will receive a custom quote with two estimates for each item.


This is the fastest way to get cash for your item with payment sent within 10 working days upon receiving your item.


This is your estimated payment after we have sold your item (net amount you get in your hands, and not including our consignment service fee, which varies from one item to another).
After you've reviewed your quote and decide whether you wish to sell your item directly to us or have us consign it for you. The next step is to package your item well, print and attach our CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT FORM and drop your package off at our nearest store or send it via courier to:
Pepper’s Luxury Closet
Karma 1 Mall, Sheikh Zayed City, 6 of October, Giza, Egypt
PO BOX 12411
Phone: 00201155436626


Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and verify its authenticity*. After that we notify you by email with our final offer. If you chose to consign with us, we will photograph and merchandise your item for listing on our website and notify you when it's sold.
If you have a change of heart or not satisfied with our actual offer, we will return the item to you at our expense.
* Please be sure to only send us authentic items. If we receive and item and it is determined to not be authentic by our in-house experts, it will be returned at the seller's expense.


If you choose to sell your item directly to us, we will send you your payment via check or PayPal within two working days. If you chose to consign with us, we will send your payment within two working days after selling your item.