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How we Check

Leading our team of Certified Authenticators and dealers is our very own Founder and Managing Director; Mrs. May Ezz Eldin. With a diploma in Luxury leather goods from The High Institute of Fashion, and other luxury courses, in addition to her vast experience in this field, managing Pepper’s and authenticating thousands of items over the years, we can safely say that our team of experts is very well equipped to verify the authenticity and the condition of the luxury products.
We ensure you that we only sell 100% authentic items; fairly priced, and in great condition. Our evaluation process takes from 7-10 working days with a comprehensive check list for each brand. We thoroughly check each item, and ensure that we verify the authenticity and condition of the following:

  • - Leather look and feel and the other materials used
  • - Hardware
  • - Stitching
  • - Symmetry
  • - Craftsmanship
  • - Stamping
  • - Hologram Stickers
  • - Packaging

We also use our vast experience and awareness of the standard brand’s specifications to check if the items have been modified or amended (e.g., aftermarket diamonds, replaced batteries, repaired bags, etc.) Here are some of the important areas of our authentication process:

Date Code




Hallmark Details




Authenticity Cards and Information Booklets


Gemstone Grading

All mounted gemstone and diamond grading are performed without removing the setting. The grading is done in consistency with GIA standards, and all gemstone weights and measurements are approximate to industry standards.

Watch Movement


Brand, Care and Composition label


Decoration Details


Amendments Made by Sellers


Certified Experts

Mrs May Ezz Eldin
Founder, MD and Head Authenticator May has worked in the luxury business for over ten years and comes armed with an extensive background in luxury goods especially leather goods. She took extensive courses and trainings to make sure she’s the best at what she does. As the Head Authenticator, she manages the authentication process with the help of hand-selected team of certified dealers and buyers to thoroughly check every single piece; be it a luxury watch, fine jewelry, or a designer bag. She oversees the authentication process with complete adherence to the strict standards of authenticity.

Mr Ahmed Abbas
Director of Operations and Managing Director With more than 20 years of experience in Business Development and Strategic sales, Mr Halaby helped take Pepper’s to a whole new level, with an expansion plan that includes; opening new stores all over Egypt and soon expanding footprint in the region.

Mrs. Mayada Bekheit
Director of Customer Relations Mayada comes with years of experience in the Fashion retail industry and helped develop a huge network of Clients and merchants relations with Pepper’s over the years. Ms Bekheit also handles the consignment agreements and oversees customer satisfaction throughout the whole process.

Sales and Accounting teams
Pepper’s well trained super friendly sales professionals and accountants always ensure all transactions are done in the most professional manner and that the client reaches the outmost satisfaction throughout their experience with Pepper’s Luxury Closet.

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